The sessions are held mainly for the elderly and have proven to be exceptionally beneficial. The exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles of your legs and body and improve your co-ordination and balance. They’re known as balance training and can be done while you’re sitting. As well as increasing general fitness, they are one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of falling.

Feedback shows that these sessions have helped reduce stress, improve overall health and well-being, increase mobility and flexibility, and for some, make them feel more energised and stronger. Participants are encouraged to do exercise regularly in order to receive maximum benefits.

Each session lasts for up to an hour with Sue, a qualified KFA trainer who demonstrates how each exercise should be carried out in a safe and beneficial way using music to encourage participation and enjoyment. The routines are changed to prevent boredom and maintain enthusiasm with a variety of additional aids used to create varied sessions.  Why not come along and give it a try at one of our taster sessions. 

 Members joining the class are required to sign a simple medical form before joining the class.  Click here to down load the form.

Non-members are welcome for a morning visit but if they wish to join the group they must also join the Centre at a cost of £17.00 per year and £2.00 per session


Contact: Liz for further information